Friday, 29 January 2010

Gavin: Here we go...

The biopsy results show plenty of Hodgkins cells, which means there's no miracle change in the disease that would explain why the cancer has regrown. Sonny remains well and, although has had plenty of doctors explaining the long and difficult treatment he's about to undertake, is taking it all in his stride. Tonight we start the new chemo which is administered constantly over five days. From here he'll have chemo more on than off for 14 odd weeks until we start the process of stem cell or bone marrow transplant depending on how the cancer reacts. There has been a certain delay while our consultants get guidance from their European counterparts as Sonny will be the first boy treated at GOSH who has relapsed under treatment. An honour I'd rather hadn't befallen him.
In other news, we went for lunch at Strada which, as the kids say, was the bomb.

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  1. loads of luck for tonight, the next few days, weeks, and that the consultants find some answers soon. xxxxxx

    (PS. sonny no more amazing looking pizzas please - they are definately not allowed on my slimmingworld diet - those pics are driving me crazy!!) x