Monday, 31 May 2010

Gavin: The next Tiger Savage (BMT -2)

We've tasked Ruby with coming up with an idea for Sonny's 'all-clear' party. She knows the ins and outs and what's gone on over the past 10 months so we're pretty confident it will be good. But, even I (and remember, I'm pretty high up on the boil on the arse of 'proper' advertising) was blown away when I spoke to her about what she'd come up with:

Ruby: So, Sonny's donor is American right?, so I reckon we should do a party called 'God Bless America' and hold it at the Diner on Upper Street which is an American themed restaurant and the kids (so the parents don't have to get all funny about it) have to come dressed as someone American, like a president or something, or a pop star and we all drink American beer, well the kids will drink cream soda and floats and Sonny is sort of the main President and stuff and we have to eat hot dogs and grits although I don't know what they are but it fits the idea... What do you think Daddy?

Think... THINK?... I pay people a huge amount of money to come up with this stuff and not only has she seen an angle (proper advertising speak) but has thought it through and given us a party that is not only memorable but achievable. I'd love to chat more but I'm currently writing applications for her to all the major agencies with the heading "remember Charles Saatchi? She pisses on him".