Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gavin: Enjoy you will

Star Wars Primary from School Tech on Vimeo.

For the last couple of weeks or so, Sonny's been working really hard on a GOSH School project to create an animation. He had to write the script, make all the plasticine models and the set then film, animate and put the voice over on. I think it's absolutely brilliant and he's really proud of the effort he's put in. We watched Avatar the other night and, seeing what Sonny's managed here, I can't see what all the fuss was about.


  1. Absolutely Bloody Brilliant....Well done Sonny xx

  2. AWESOME, BLOODY FANTASTIC. Having seen my girls do this we can appreciate the effort you have put into this. Well done sonny, Claire and family.XXXXXX

  3. Dear Sonny. I'm a bit cross. I'm afraid you made Louis and Lola very late for school this morning because they had to watch your film about 20 times and were still giggling at the death burp bit when i finally packed them off down the road. And now I'm finding it really hard to get down to my work cos i have to keep watching it as well. Thanks very much.
    love, Lisa xxxx

  4. LOVE IT!

    Dawn B

  5. Mmm I didnt expect that, I didnt think Fart Vader would kill his own Storm-troopers! When can I see the sequel? Gabe : )

    That was great, how on earth did you get the whole LSO into your room though!? Mark xx

  6. just in from a late night and watched your brilliant animation... I live your models.... they are great... love nat next door xx