Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Zoe: Brain Freeze

Calipo Challenge: How many Calipo lollies can you eat in 15 minutes? Sonny managed three. I think it will be a long time before he enjoys another one too. Sonny had Melphalan yesterday - a pre bone marrow chemotherapy which causes severe mouth sores and ulcers. Apparently, if you freeze the mouth as it is being administered it can stop this. Hence the lolly marathon. Lets hope it works.


  1. Hello Zoe and family - is Sonny's lolly eating challenge part of a trend (as well as a treatment)? I think I saw that your school had been trying to get in the record books with the most children dressed as Peter Pan at one moment... Two record attempts is a good start. What will the 3rd be? Love to you all, Nicola, pete, lola and nell.

  2. Hi Sonny - fingers all crossed here that the ice-lollies do the trick, and thank God the antidote isn't brussel sprouts! Lots of love to you from Jason, Cayt, Patrick, Sophie and Dan. xx