Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Zoe: The week ahead

Sonny should begin treatment today for his EBV. Its been an incredibly frustrating last few days as we are desperate for Sonny to feel a little better when actually the windows of him feeling up to conversation are getting smaller and smaller. The weight has been falling off him from 39kg to 35kg which has been a big worry as we've been trying to fatten him up for Bone Marrow but TPN (calories through his line) was finally started last night so it hopefully shouldn't drop any more. The lymph node in his abdomen was too small to sample and its too dangerous to go into his chest with his lungs being so compromised from the paraflu. Not sure what the point of this would be and whether we'd actually consent to it if we had to as Bone Marrow is where we are headed whatever the outcome. But, at least he won't have to endure another general today.

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  1. Please tell Sonny that I think of him most days and I am willing him to feel better soon.