Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gavin: (BMT -7)

We're all getting used to new nurses, a new room and new doctors. It's not too bad on reflection but just feels odd... we've built good relationships with the nurses on Elephant Ward over 9 months and having to start that all over again is difficult. It's like a first day at work where you don't want to be a pain but you need to know where the photocopier is because you've been told it's essential. Except our photocopier is a chemo infusion and we'd really like to know where it is now please. "NOW PLEASE... sorry, I don't mean to be a pain" etc.
The main chemo started today and hasn't gone down that well. I'm not in the hospital so here's a transcript of texts...
G: All going in ok?
Z: Not really and he's very upset and screaming at the staff when they are trying to make him feel better. Horrid stuff x
G: Oh god, text me when you can
Z: The rate has been slowed to 2ml an hour and he's starting to chat x
(Zoe rang me but had to ring off as a doctor was coming in who we know)
Z: Lovely doctor was ok with our really special brave boy who everybody upstairs is amazed by. All his sats are normal and Sonny has settled right down. Symptoms will lesson once the infusion finishes in about an hour or so... blimey baby x
G: It's fine. This is the super juice that will make him all good. Tell him that from me x
Z: Doctor said the same... you blogging tonight or what?
G: On it now baby... give me 10 x

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