Monday, 10 May 2010

Gavin: Extra topping up

Bit of concern for the last couple of days as Sonny has been running a heart rate of around 160. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong so called on a cardiologist to wire him up to a big machine and get a print out to show nothing was wrong there either. The hb in his blood was 9.5 so no need for a transfusion but, considering yesterday's result was 7.9 it seemed odd that his bloods would recover during chemo. They did another test to double check and, after a couple more hours of (mild) worry, it showed a duff result - the true figure was 6.5. This meant his heart was working twice as hard to get the oxygen around his body. A blood transfusion was ordered and the pizza delivery boy turned up with it around 5pm. As I type this, his heart rate is dropping nicely so hopefully, that will be the end of it. They don't really use pizza delivery boys, but they both drive mopeds and wear red. Yeah alright... it sounded much funnier when the nurses laughed at that earlier ok.

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