Sunday, 30 May 2010

Gavin: May day riots (BMT -3)

I lost it tonight with the staff here. Sonny's stopped absorbing tablets like before, so I requested he now has everything IV. The change on the system meant for some reason he was an hour and a half late for his paracetamol meaning his temperature soared and he felt shocking. When it was finally going in, the nurse explained the Doctor reckoned he would still absorb something, so they'd carry on with his other tablets. At this point, even Sonny was shouting 'so what about absorbing the rest of it?'. I know I'm not quite a medical professional yet but surely this is pretty simple stuff? And as they can infuse everything anyway what's the problem? I blew when she told me the doctor was late doing the system changes as he was called away to other sick kids. My suggestion to show me who that was so I could make a decision on whether they were more ill than Sonny was declined.
Nurse Inga-Hangover has just been back in to tell me the doctor has decided to write all Sonny's meds up IV after all. Which is obviously great, but it somewhat scuppers my plans to lurk in the sluice room and beat him with a bed pan until he did what I asked.

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