Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Gavin: He shoots, he scores

OK, we have a plan. Ritoximab is going in now to kill off the EVB. From tomorrow he starts six days of chemo to put the disease hopefully into remission. After this, and as long as he's not feeling like he does now, it's home again while his blood counts recover enough to start BMT. So, at least a week and maybe two in our own beds providing he doesn't catch Lassa fever or something. Although Sonny isn't really feeling any better, at least we now know we have a protocol to follow which will hopefully have some effect on him and give him some respite from these horrid symptoms.
The lovely play specialist bought in a tiny hoop today which he spent a bit of time chucking plastic balls into until the suckers gave up and it fell off the wall. Yep, that really was as depressing as it sounds.

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