Thursday, 13 May 2010

Zoe: Political Punch

Sonny has finished his final chemo before bone marrow begins in about 2-3 weeks time. He won't be coming home until after the transplant as he needs to be here while his counts recover this time. He was allowed out for a quick bite to eat yesterday. Potentially, this could be the last time until after the transplant as he's neutropenic already and he could spike and need antibiotics at any time.

No surprise that he choose Ciao Bella. As usual it was heaving. We were seated next to a man sitting on his own with a second bottle of wine. The moment he leaned over and said good evening I knew we were in trouble... we'd got ourselves a proper bell end. Inside I was seething, couldn't he see how sensitive our situation was and just shut up? There were no other tables and we didn't have time to try and find somewhere else as we'd promised to be back on the ward by 7.30. Instead we had to sit it out listening to him brag about being a Westminster hot shot, how Ed Balls was really running the economy while Gordon was Chancellor and meeting the PM today. We are all doomed I tell ya.

He ended up making Sonny's evening though. When I requested the bill we were told that the man from the government had paid it. Sonny couldn't believe it and wished he'd ordered the lamb!

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