Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Zoe: The point of no return (BMT Day -8)

Sonny's donor has passed his medical so it all systems go. After another PET scan (his 6th) at UCH this morning Sonny finally went down to Fox ward today, where his Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) will take place. The actual day of the transplant is called day 0 so from now on we are going to be counting down to it and back up from it.

Very strange day really. Sonny is really scared and Ruby is really sad as she won't be able to see her brother for weeks and weeks. Gulp.

As well as the whole getting to know you process with an entirely different team who've got to know Sonny really well, we've also got to get to grips with the tight rules surrounding BMT. I'll save the new rules for another entry but the biggest culture shock has got to be the airlock entry system on our room which feels rather like trying to gain entry into a bank on Finsbury Park. We've also been spoilt by the modern ward we've been in for so long and we are now in a rather dark, secret corridor with no internet connection - so no online PS3 games for at least a week guys. Thankfully, not for long though as the ward we are on is temporary as Fox is being revamped so we should be moving into a plush new suite early next week if the builders are to be believed.


  1. It all sounds very scary, I hope Sonny and you all can come through it all with the great attitude that has kept you going so far. Good luck with day 0 and beyond!

    xx Katy

  2. Ditto. its brilliant news that the donor is good to go - what an amazing gift that anonymous yank is giving. I know there's a big climb ahead - we;ll be thinking of you all every day xxxx

  3. We are thinking of you loads and praying like mad for you all. So much love and luck to the bravest of boys - Sonny. love Becky, David, Harry, Alex and Freddie.

  4. We are thinking of you all - with love Mandy, Dave, Lola and Sid x