Friday, 14 May 2010

Gavin: How *you* doin'?

I've been allowed back in the hospital after a 48hr curfew as I had a dodgy tummy. I have a feeling it could have been something to do with my diet recently which consists mainly of the food group 'brown', but you can't take any chances so I had to call Zo, jump in a cab, get home and get her back to the hospital before Sonny noticed. Typically, this happened at 2am rather than 2pm and it's great credit to my wife that she didn't get shirty. A few hours before that I was taking a sluice bottle to the sluice room which, unbeknownst to me had a tiny hole in it. I sleepily walked the whole length of the corridor before I noticed it had leaked Sonny's wee all down my pyjamas. Of course, two nurses came in just at that moment and looked at me as though I'd had the accident and I tried to laugh and explain but it just seemed to make things more complicated and I went really red and they sort of left unconvinced to find a mop and I went back to the room all apologetic. It was like an episode of Friends: The one where Gavin pisses himself.

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