Friday, 28 May 2010

Zoe: Green Machine (BMT -5)

Sonny is driving a tank into a building online with his chum. The headset means they can chat with each other, which is pretty much like having him in the room with us. I’ve never been a big fan of new technology until now that is. I don’t care how many hours he racks up either. What are the alternatives… jigsaw anyone (not).

We had our ‘green chat’ today. They didn’t mention recycling once. It was all about how many times a day we needed to wash our hands, clothes, hair, bedding, teeth etc. Sonny has become very attached to his duvet and after a little negotiation he’s been allowed to have a duvet as long as it is changed every day. I mean the inside, not just the cover. Big shout out to Donna who kindly stocked up for us at Ikea before jetting off somewhere exotic. Ikea duvet got the thumbs up too by the way – very light and snugly apparently.

It’s only been four days and already my hands are bleeding and sting every time I wash them. After my rant yesterday about infection contamination I discovered I’d put my worn pjs in with all my clean undies. Rather sweetly, in spite of this mishap Gav has given me a new job title today - C.O.O.L (Chief Operating Officer for Laundry). We’ve got a fancy new machine to cope with the new demands and he keeps calling me for advice about tumble balls. Not sure if I preferred W.I.F.E (Washing, Ironing, Fking , Etc). As a dear pal pointed out, The Gav Regime™ is going to be a breeze when all this is finally over.

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