Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Gavin: Barry Venison

We met with the BMT team today who in summary, gave us the startling revelation that Sonny will have loads of chemo, feel terrible and then start to get better. To be fair, it was more involving than that, but we'll let you know everything when they give us details about the donor.
Sonny was having a great day until we started discussing BMT and one of the nurses remarked that he wouldn't be able to take Moosey down to the isolation ward as it wasn't brand new. This sent him over the edge so Zoe quickly made some calls and found out it was fine as long as we give him a decent wash. The nurse apologised for upsetting him and, as it had turned out fine, we all laughed it off. She won't be laughing quite so hard when she sees the present Moosey has left in her going home shoes though.

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  1. Moosey is dangerous - don't mess! ha! xxx