Thursday, 27 May 2010

Zoe: Insania (BMT -6)

Sonny has been great today. The drug that made him feel like he had really bad flu yesterday was given again today but as cleverly predicted by the nurses hasn't given him any of the bad symptoms he experienced last night. This is the drug to kill all his T cells which make produce his bone marrow. He'll continue to get this drug now until day 0.

Meanwhile I went to a parent meeting today. So far I've avoided these like the plague but it was kind of a three line whip to attend today as they wanted to discuss the move to the new refurbished ward next week. Turns out BMT is currently sharing the ward with infectious diseases - hence the airlock system. I freaked. These kids, bless em, are moving with us as their ward is next in line for a makeover. Now I'm not medically trained but it sounds crazy bonkers to keep BMT kids with kids that have stuff that is so dangerous that they are actually hospitalised together. According to the matron its perfectly safe but I remain to be convinced and I made rather a show of myself protesting. As long as we keep washing our hands all will be perfectly fine apparently. Hmmm we are all meant to wash our plates in the kitchen but whenever I go in there the sink is full of other cubicles dirty dishes so not sure if I can really rely on other parents to wash their hands and follow the complicated 'my child's infectious' protocol. When Sonny had paraflu a very senior nurse came in with her hand over her mouth instead of a mask. I rest my case.

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