Friday, 7 May 2010

Zoe: No pain no gain

The day didn't start well. Your stomach always drops to the floor when the doctor asks you to step outside for a minute. The staff here know Sonny really well - all his likes and dislikes are handed over twice a day and he lets people know very quickly if they've done something they shouldn't have done. The doctor needed to give Sonny some albumin today. The only problem was that he didn't have any space free on his Hickman line to get it into him. When Sonny was originally sold the concept of a Hickman line back in August the sales pitch was pretty much based on the fact he'd never need to go through the agony of another botched canula. Turns out they weren't exactly telling the truth and they knew from past injection experience he was not going to be happy. And frankly, would you be? In fairness to them, they managed to put a different, clever device into the top of his arm instead of a canula into his hand and it wasn't too bad. However, it didn't really go to plan as the new line now contained his morphine pump and whenever he pressed for some it stung like hell. I had to agree with his questioning what is the point of giving me pain when I'm trying to get rid of pain and I think I was as relieved as him when it was taken out and everything returned to normal this evening.

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