Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Zoe: One more sleep (BMT -1)

Gav should have waited for the doctor in the sluice room. Its 9.30pm and Sonny has just turned out the light to go to sleep on what has been 24 very uncomfortable hours. The locum doctor barely handed anything over to the 'new' locum doctor. Vital medicines were overlooked and even when they were written back into his protocol they were still overlooked. Duh... I thought doctors were meant to be clever. The stress of keeping on top of everything while seeing Sonny suffer is getting to us both. Can you tell? However, today was business as usual and the consultant soon sorted out the doctor and the nursing team seemed rather more on the ball and at least answered our call button within 10 minutes of pressing it which is a massive improvement.

Sonny is fighting a nasty infection of some kind which has given him the rampant runs and a very sore bottom, low blood pressure and super high temperatures. Thankfully, today's doctor is a bright young thing who's prescribed lots of things to make him feel better and they are starting to work already - see clever doctor. Its full on though with lots of juggling of line space to fit everything in and requires one to one nursing which with relief we have tonight. Not one to fuss, he went to sleep happy, looking forward to his big day tomorrow.


  1. Huge warm hugs to you all, sent from Cornwall from all the Rohde-Mackenzie's for tomorrow!!! We will be sending supersonic hug rays toward London all day....Thinking about you loads.

  2. Dearest Sonny,
    thinking about you on this big day and wishing that it goes as well as it possibly can. big hug. much love from Becky and Harry and all the C-Ms. xxx