Saturday, 19 June 2010

Gavin: A really good day (BMT+17)

Sonny had a terrific day today. He went for a couple of walks around the ward, properly thrashed me at World Cup Monopoly and teased our Spanish doctor about their result (and got teased back, obviously). We were obviously gutted that England played like Bolton on a wet Wednesday at the Emirates and has now written a list of the teams he will support in the likely event we capitulate at the first hurdle. Strangely, France wasn't written down... the fool. In other news, there's a new set of consultants doing ward round who also gave him a big thumbs up as you can see from the picture. In fact, I reckon Professor Da and Consultant Nanny look like the real thing... it's only the warm smiles and delight in being allowed to see him that really give it away.

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