Monday, 28 June 2010

Zoe: Purrrrrrrrrrroblem (BMT +26)

I've lost count of the number of people who regularly say they'll do anything to help but I really don't think any one of you had what I'm asking for in mind when you made your kind offers...

I need to find a foster home for our two cats. Both kids are distraught but we don't have an awful lot of choice. So think about who you know that likes cats a lot who doesn't have one at the moment and would possibly like two for a few months. Ideally they should live locally so that Ruby can visit them. Over to you.

PS, they are moggies but Gav likes to think of them as very rare pedigrees... no pressure then!


  1. They can come, here no problem. The only cat near the place is at the cottage on the road. Em is coming home next week and she can bring them. I know that Ruby couldn't visit them too often but there is always our jumpy web cam!!

  2. If I didn't have a psycho cat already (ferrel but now ours as popped a collar on with name and number and no-one complained).... Besides; wouldn't be long before your very rare pedigrees were issued ASBOS for spraying and roaming the streets round here! xxxxxx

  3. Could a neighbor be asked to feed them Zoe, in their own house - then they could still access yours for security and homeliness?

  4. ... oh are they not meant to be there when Sonny returns! Doh!! Soz

  5. I so wish I was local - all cats are pedigrees. (Although George may not agree!)
    You know I'd have them (so would George - really)
    love your Seaford Cat Lady