Friday, 18 June 2010

Zoe: We've got that Friday feeling (BMT +16)

Sonny's blood profile now matches that of his donor entirely. This means that all of Sonny's cells have been removed and he is now 100% donor. This is really good. So good in fact that I felt like blocking the door and not letting the consultant out the room so he could keep telling me again and again.

So what happens next? Well, we hope that Sonny gets a rash. This shows his new immune system is fighting his body and his Hodgkins Disease. This is called GVHD (graft versus host disease). If he doesn't get GVHD they can make him get it by turning some of his drugs down. GVHD can also be quite nasty too so they will also be watching him very closely to make sure he doesn't get too poorly as it can attack the whole body (a little skin rash would do for us). For now though the plan is to just leave him to get better before the GVHD starts. He's been allowed to sip some water which made him sick so it might be a few days before we get him eating but we are liking these small, slow but bouncy steps. Crunchie bar anyone?


  1. I would love to be there sharing a Crunchie with you Zoe!! Let's look forward to the rash then!!