Monday, 21 June 2010

Zoe: Drip stand off (BMT +19)

Sonny's next mountain to conquer is food. If he starts to eat he can come off TPN (nutrients in a bag) and his PCA pump (morphine). If he starts to eat well he'll be able to take most of his other daily medications orally. This would be great as he has to go everywhere attached to his enormous drip stand. (He took today's photo by the way as part of a school project). However its easier said than done. He's not been allowed to eat for nearly 4 weeks as they've been resting his gut and during this time he's also been incredibly sick and nauseous. He's been allowed to eat and drink since Friday but so far since being given the green light he's only managed to eat 3 little fromage frais yoghurt things - yes, the really tiny mini ones. We are not worried though, he'll get there, he always does because he's amazing.


  1. You're all amazing.

    Since I've been following your blogs it seems that Sonny always pulls back. So just a matter of time and faith (not of the God-bothering type tho').

    Sending you lotsa love from all of us across the park there. xxxxx

  2. my thoughts exactly, could not have put it better myself. Love you guys loads,lee claire, hayley, laura, lucy amd olivia xxxxxx