Friday, 4 June 2010

Gavin: BMT +2

Three kids on the ward have been taken to ICU in the last couple of days and haven't come back quite as quickly as Sonny did, so we're starting to appreciate why BMT is seen as the last option of treatment in kids. Sonny has done pretty well today and, although he's really spaced out most of the time on Morphine and Lorazepam, has stopped vomming every 5 minutes which is so much nicer for him. I nearly pressed the red alarm button today (all the nurses run to whichever room presses it despite what they're in the middle of) as Sonny couldn't catch his breath and got very scared. Despite being obviously terrifying, the doctors reckoned he'd simply 'forgotten' to breath due to the relaxing nature of the drugs. I've had a chat with him and asked him to maybe forget where he put his PS3 controller rather than his lungs next time.
We also found out today that Sonny's hair will grow back differently and he'll change blood type, going from B Positive to the donor's A Positive. In everything we've learnt, for some reason that fact blew my mind.


  1. This whole thing blows my mind Zo!!! But yes that is pretty amazing. Tell Sonny that I love Mr/Mrs Yeehaa as well.

  2. A-positive sounds good to me....! xx love you guys so claire,lee,Hayley, Laura, lucy and Olivisxxxxxx