Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Gavin: This has not been photoshopped (BMT +13)

OK, we've been pretty neggy recently with a blocked telly, a blocked sink and blockhead directors so here's something we can all get excited about; Sonny came off greens today and is now on yellows. Oh yes people.
Now I appreciate that before you all get out your vuvuzelas, you need an explanation. As his bloods are so low, Sonny is on Greens. This is the strictest regime where he washes in bottled water, can't see his sister and isn't allowed out of the room. If he posts nuetrophils of above 0.2 for three days in a row, he goes onto Yellows, where Ruby can come in, we don't have to wear aprons and he can venture out (as long as he stays on the ward). Think of the recognised global system of traffic lights, but in reverse.
It's pretty rare that this happens so quickly (we were told not to expect anything for 21 days) but considering everything that's happened has been pretty rare, this is par for the Sonny course - except in a fantastic way. Anyway, our friend Claire bought Ruby in and his face lit up. They played World Cup Monopoly (what else), had a nice chat and, when I turned up he asked me to stay outside so he could concentrate his conversation on her. Lovely
To be honest, there's no more to say. On a scale of one to ten, this is unbelievably, bloody brilliant. I'm off to bed now on a wonderfully fluffy cloud with a big nine on it.


  1. Whey hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. Fantastic. That photo' put a big smile on my face. All our love, Sue,Philip and the girls.xxxxx

  3. Absolutely brilliant!!!!

  4. Wonderful!

    x Dawn

  5. :) :) :) :) xxxx
    lots and lots of love
    Rach, Andrew Eva and Maya

  6. natalie koffman17 June 2010 at 08:16

    all of it made me smile but especially the Sonny wanting private time with Ruby... oh and your joke Zoe....big love and hugs to you all xxxxx nat