Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gavin: A (yankee doodle) dandy day (BMT+24)

Sometimes, you have a really great day despite not much happening. Maybe it's because there's nothing odd happening with his bloods or his temperature hasn't done anything worrying. Or because we managed to get out again and kick a ball around for a few minutes in the park. But I think the real reason you have great days is when Sonny does... it makes such a difference. I arrived about 2ish and since then we've talked about football, watched football, played football, chosen his new football boots and discussed football transfers. We're currently waiting for extra time in the USA v Ghana match where we're keeping everything crossed for the Yanks. If you don't know why we're supporting America then like OMG, where have you been? We're pretty big on the internet you know.

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