Sunday, 27 June 2010

Gavin: Stop and watch the world every once in a while (BMT+25)

Today's performance by England was entirely predictable. Drawn against the old foe and peppered with smatterings of a war no one is allowed to mention but fuels the flag-waving patriotism, we were cruelly dumped out of the world cup after more goal line controversy. Except we weren't. Germany would have won despite the goal that never was due to an England performance owing more to blancmange than backbone. Wasn't Four Million Fabio meant to give us the discipline that every other manager has lacked? However, I don't blame them. If I pampered my kids with money, jewels and limelight how could I expect anything more than precocious brats who are constantly lifted skywards by the hot air of the army of manicurists, tattooists and massuers around them?
Anyway, after the game, I took Sonny to the park and we kicked a ball around for at least 20 minutes. He has to sit down a lot as it hurts his legs and, during one of our breaks I asked him what he was thinking (as he wasn't saying anything). Not much dad, he replied... just watching the world. So, I watched the world too and you know what, there wasn't any vuvuzelas, face paint or Emile Heskey. It was brilliant.

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