Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gavin: Ruby slippers (BMT+7)

Seven days. That's a whole damn week people. And considering the new cells won't start growing until day 21 then we're a week in of three. Which in Sonny's new world is a third of the way through. It's a long time for Ruby as well who skyped her brother tonight and had a nice chat on his request. It's super tough on her not just having only one parent around at one time but not having her brother there - watching cartoons at 7am on a Saturday just isn't the same. She sent a text to Zo tonight which I can't work out is covering up her grief or simply genius. You decide...

Yo mum it's ruby I had a g r e a t day up down all over and spelt backwards. I felt like I wanted a text chat so here I am. We got the bus home and it stopped at highbury barn gooey with double stink. When dad got home he fussed nanny about because she didn't do the washing right or something. Nanny and da send love to you and Sonny and you write back soon love ruby. Over and out.


  1. sounds very cool and on top of things... strong strong strong... xxxxx

  2. Hi, you lovely family,
    I tried a number of times to speak to you and obviously you are very very busy.
    Just to let you know we read your blog every day and the first thing Sol and Safia ask after school is how is Sonny. I'm happy to tell them he is doing just fine because he is such an amazing boy. Keep up all your good spirits because you are an amazing family and it is down to you all that Sonny is going to get through this.
    We love you all.
    The Langan-Clark Family.