Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gavin: Things that go bump in the night (BMT+4)

Yet another night of drama as Sonny's sats dropped to an unacceptable level at around 3am. Visits from the ICU nurses was followed by the x-ray machine to see if there was anything wrong with his chest. Because of all this kerfuffle, Sonny's sats improved by themselves and after a couple of hours everyone was back to sleep. They're now in the process of reducing any drugs that, although good for sickness, ain't that good for breathing so the Lorazepam has been halved and the Morphine mixed with Ketamine to try not to knock him out too much.
After all that, he had a great day, thrashing his mum at Monopoly with a low value acquisition strategy and laughing at a bunch of fat celebs showing themselves up against Zidane in the Socceraid match on telly.


  1. My goodness Sonny, you are so much more on the England team than any of the England team: you are the tops. Can't wait to see you on the new pitch at WT. I often read your mum and dad's brilliant blog to Jamie M-
    we are very chuffed at your BMT - this is the potion you need for 'back to school and all'. Jamie and his brother Milo were fascinated by what the 'kind American' had donated and they had all sorts of interesting
    ideas about you now having American genes/'blood' as well as the genes and blood you already have-I think you may know more about this stuff than we do having talked to the docs. All in, are there implications for
    your allegance in the world cup? Yikes Yanks ;-) Anyway, here is hoping you have a better night's sleep than last. We think of you and talk about you often Sonny. Loads of love to you and Ruby and you um and dad,
    Jamie Milo Daniel and Melinda and Mark xxxxx

  2. That was meant to read your 'Mum and Dad' not your 'um and dad'!!! For goodness sake!

  3. Me and Louis were also discussing whether Mr Yeehah makes you part american - we are sending you something to test this theory. If you salute and sing God Bless America when you see it then we know where we stand....lots of love Sonny - you are doing a brilliant job xxx

  4. And still smiling, Sonny!! Well done. Keep it up. Steve and I are SURE that you will feel much better soon. Which "counter" do you claim as yours when playing monopoly? Love to you all.