Friday, 19 March 2010

Zoe: A word from the top

Sonny got this email today:

Hi Sonny!

You may like to know, in case you don't already, that I 'presented' your Golden Certificate in Whole School assembly on Monday. Our Thought for the Week was about working hard and always doing our best. I explained to the children how you had been working really hard and had produced a phenomenal amount of work in between treatments. The whole school showed their amazement by bursting into spontaneous applause, clapping well before the moment when I always say...'And let's give a big clap to all our wonderful golden children this morning.' You stole the limelight deservedly!

The whole school is thinking about you and is very impressed with your tenacity as well as your achievement.

Lots of love from your Head Teacher

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  1. 04.27 you posted that Zoe? Your world must be so challenged and topsyturvy. Suggest whatever you do don't turn to God, he's not real you know... lots of people think he is but they're a bit deluded... or madly conservative, or scared of something. Whereas; the tooth fairy, santa clause, flying reindeer, jack frost and Tobey Maguire DO EXIST. So keep the faith wherever you find it. xxx
    (Watched a guy on Pop Idol recently who was cleared of cancer and he was amazingly positive, but his singing voice was pants... he was a bit deluded too - maybe we all are? I think it's a mad bloody world, especially when I read that some Head Teacher has blogged lots of love to you - very progressive and sweet - the world's a much better place when things aren't done by the book or the bible. :D