Sunday, 28 March 2010

Gavin: Risky business

Yesterday I quizzed the Consultant in charge hard about the reasons for keeping Sonny in. He was slightly uncomfortable and got a bit defensive dealing with someone who had a vague idea of what they're talking about as I reckon he could amputate the wrong leg of another kid and the parents wouldn't notice but, I understood his reasons and we stay in the hospital.
Today he came in and recommended that Sonny had another 24hrs of antibiotics and, based on my slightly confrontational approach the day before, offered me the chance to take him home if I was prepared to 'take the risk'. Jesus... Take. The. Risk.
Obviously, he's one of those child geniuses that took his A Level's at nine which means he's now only 15 and hasn't got kids or he'd understand that 'taking a risk' with someone seriously ill isn't really an option. Still, I got to deliver the line "Risk doesn't come into it... if you say he stays, he stays". Which in my opinion, is right up there with "you had me at hello".

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