Monday, 1 March 2010

Zoe: Relentless

Sonny hasn't had a temp for 36 hours and we may just be facing a classic case of febrile neutropenia. Sonny is not very happy. He's been bored (a good sign) but today he's finding it all pretty tough. He feels rough and has barely any energy due to low hb levels which a blood tranfusion should help fix by tonight.


  1. louis dimbylow1 March 2010 at 16:32

    hi sonny its louis. i like your harry hill bunny. sorry that you're feeling bad today. i tho#ugt i'd let you know that i did a sponsord swim last week for haiti - it was 3 miles and i raisd £519. it took over 2 hours and i was in the paper which was embarrasing!!!!!!
    nothing else is happening in godalming its a bit boring. hope you feel better soon. we all want to come and see you when you feel better. from louis

  2. Hi Sonny, We're thinking about you lots from the other side of Finsbury park (where Reuben and little Bro' Orlando now go to school) and hoping you feel better and get through this really soon, like yesterday. xxxx