Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gavin: Saturday...

I love Saturdays. After a week at work being away from Sonny, Zoe is quite happy to take Ruby to kick boxing while I play Call of Duty with him and watch Soccer AM. He had a terrible day yesterday, spending most of it in bed with crushing headaches and a very up and down temperature, but this morning he's woken pretty chirpy. We put plenty of calls into the hospital last night to get their opinions which ranged from the cancer, a virus, tiredness, a reaction to the morphine or because there isn't a full moon this week. We'll keep an eye on him today in an attempt to keep him at home until Thursday when he's back in GOSH for a week starting the next part of his chemo.
And, when I say 'play' Call of Duty with him, I mean I watch while he blows up stuff. It's thrilling.

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  1. Hope it lifted Sonny's spirits...... just showed Reuben the pics of David B. with Sonny, to which he said; "AW.......AMAZING!"

    Just hope it lifted Sonny's spirits lots and that he gets to kick a ball around in his new kit soon. Nice one David.