Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gavin: Float like a butterfly, sting like a canula...

We were met today by our Consultant who had the results from last weeks PET scan. It shows that the tumors are slowing down their metabolism which means the chemo is having an effect. We're not getting too carried away as we did have the same results back in December but frankly we'll take anything we can get at the moment and see no harm in being elated by this news. The outcome means a stem cell transplant is more likely than bone marrow but as I say, it's a bit too early to start making those sort of wishes.
Whilst explaining why this chemo could be working, he used a good analogy that it's like a boxing match. The jabs in round one may not have had much effect, but a combination of different punches (so it doesn't get used to them) have weakened its resolve, meaning that these last hits should provide the killer blows.
It may have come back off the ropes a few times, but it looks like Hodgkins 'The Lump' Lymphoma is finally getting his ass kicked by the Sunshine kid.

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