Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Zoe: Side effects

Bit of a tough day today. Sonny's HB was low (6.9) and he could hardly lift his head off the pillow until he started to feel the effect of his blood transfusion. He's also starting to suffer too from mucositis another painful side effect of high dose chemotherapy. With his neutrophils being non-existent any infection is super dangerous so once again he's being pumped full of antibiotics to fight anything that might be bubbling away inside him. Although he's not in Great Ormond Street they are still very much in control of him and its interesting to see what extra measures they put in place above and beyond our chums at the Whittington - today this included an additional antibiotic and an MRI scan.

He's now chirpy, eating KFC and playing Scrabble.

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