Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Zoe: Sexting (with bad language)

The second question people ask me is about how Gav and I are coping? Jumping on the back of the sexting media storm I thought yesterdays chats will reassure you that things are ok.

Z: Really good night of nothing to report. No temps again so waiting for today's blood results. He's still asleep (god knows how the noisy f*****s) I'll call you if I haven't been escorted off the premises x
G: Ha ha... chirpy considering! Be nice and they may let us home, call me when you can x

G: You bought a self help book?
Z: Spiritual enlightenment through lifes shit trip x
G: Next stop, the alpha course. X
Z: If it comes to that we are f****d X

Z: Sonny grolly with low bloods x
G: Log in on your fancy phone and blog that... X
Z: I've tried but it will only let me type in the title bar ... My phone is rubbish x
G: Poor... Will do it later hun x
Z: My phone is great I did it xxx
G: He he x

Z: He's eating and laughing at the Simpsons x
G: The magic of blood. I'm ironing and planning your shelves for down here.... Tell Sonny he is darren shan x

G: How are my babies doing? x
Z: Hell's kitchen USA Keeping him entertained x

G: Miss you a lot x
Z: Call soon x

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