Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Gavin: Mixed messages

As Sonny hasn't spiked in 3 days and is on three different antibiotics, it makes sense we take him home. The consultants at GOSH agree, as they follow strict guidelines for infections that he seems to have passed. At The Witt, it's a different story as they feel any stomach issues are very bad news and want to keep him in until something arises.
GOSH have explained that the consultants over here feel they are guarding the crown jewels as most of the time they're bringing down methed up teenagers, so we can't really blame them. But of course, there's only so much daytime TV Sonny can handle before we have to add self harming to his list of issues. Will let you know tomorrow if the Wittington say Deal or no Deal.

1 comment:

  1. bet he can't wait to go 'Home and Away' to be with his friends and 'Neighbours'. it must be 'Murder (she wrote)'. (I work from home ok? daytime tv keeps me company....)xxx