Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gavin: The only way this would have been better is if Tom Cruise was there mixing cocktails...

The date: 3rd March
The venue: Wembley
The seats: David Beckham's box

David Beckham: Hi Sonny, I've heard a lot about you
Sonny: Hi, wow I didn't think we'd actually meet you...
David: Would you like me to sign your England shirt (Note: David provided goody bags for all the kids containing full England and training kits, toys, books, photos, pens and aftershave for the dads etc.)
Sonny: No thanks
David: (laughing) alright mate
Me: (out of earshot of David) why don't you want it signed mate?
Sonny: Because I want to wear it not get it framed
Me: Well... get that one signed and I'll get you another one to wear
Sonny: But that won't be the one David Beckham bought me?
Me: Fair enough mate... good call
Me: (to David) sorry about that, can you sign his programme?
David: yeah, 'course, my kids are just the same when I get them signed stuff... they're like "I can't wear this"
Me: Thanks so much for the box, the people who've looked after us, the food, drink and of course, you turning up, it's been an amazing night
David: you deserve it mate
Me: *swoon*


  1. You absolutly deserve to have had the most fantastic time,we hope you had a wonderful day,yes i think i may have spotted the 'knitted character'!!!! big hugs to you, mum, dad and rubyxxxxx p.s, that has soooo got to be better than xfactor.......x Claire,L,H,L,L and O

  2. OH...MY...GOD

  3. OHHHHH that brought tears to my eyes in SO many ways!!!!!!
    Sonny you truly are an outstanding young man xxxx

  4. Cool, that must of been fun. Well jealous!
    from herbe