Monday, 8 March 2010

Zoe: 0.3 degrees

I've found this weekend really tense and feel almost brittle with nerves. Sonny's neutrophils are at 0.1 - if his temperature hits 38 he has to go to hospital immediately. His temp has been hovering around 37.5-37.7 all weekend. Sonny is getting increasingly suspicious of my over casual manner when I look at the thermometer and now whips it out his mouth to take a look at it first. He is due more chemo on Thursday but as his neutrophil counts are so low he's going to need more daily injections to bring them up. I haven't told him yet...

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  1. Christ, it's so intense for you all. Hope you never feel guilty for taking time for yourselves. Gavin and you so need to rest/escape at times and I am sure Sonny doesn't want you secretly tense and brittle, having to hide your nerves... is there a gym at the hosp? If only Virgin gym were closer, or Barbados or something. xxxxx