Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ruby: Builder Bear

Hi, today my play specialist came round.
Today was a very interesting lesson for our task was to make a bear with a hicman line.
After a long hour she was finally ready and was able to withdraw blood and take the meds to make her better.

She will be treated like I treat my brother... Oh no I won't fight with her I will care for her LOL HA HA.

I decided to call her Butterscotch because of her golden shimmering fur. call me a wos but I am now a nurse and my friend Tallula is making nurse passes for us.

now I'm off to take some blood bye.

1 comment:

  1. Ruby a wos?.......never, just the most inspriring young lady that i have the pleasure to know! you enjoy 'butterscotch' and believe me when i say if i was there with you i would be playing to!!!! have lots of fun taking that blood...oneday you might even be doing it for real........he looks soooooo scrummy..lots of love to all of you Claire,L,H,L,L,and O xxxxxx
    (p.s i luuuurrrve those gloves but where is knitted character????????)