Monday, 15 March 2010

Zoe: Blue Monday

Sonny's battle this week is with the steroids. They are making him sad and he hates it. I'm so proud of Sonny in so many ways but today I want to applaud his stubborn determination not to let the sadness overwhelm him. So if you're ever having a bad day here is Sonny's 'cut out and keep' guide to beating the blues:

1. Have a bath - being clean feels nice
2. Go to school (work) - its fun to be with people
3. Play DJ Hero on Xbox - try something new, you might be good at it
4. Invite a friend over - laughter is the best medicine
5. Eat a Belgium bun - treat yourself


  1. * *
    * *
    this was an attempt to draw you a smilie face...whoops. c.xx

  2. maybe add 'have a big hug' to that list Sonny? here you go.........that was a massive one from us xxx