Sunday, 1 August 2010

Gavin Mother knows best (+60)

About a week ago, Sonny wrote an email to the ad agency Mother about their Mr Sleep and the Zzz Squad adverts for Travelodge. Basically, he figured that if you got a Mr Sleep teddy and put it on every pillow in the rooms, more kids would pester their parents to stay with Travelodge rather than say, Premier Inn. I thought it was worth sending and today, we received a response in the post. Not only did they hand write (yes, Hand Write) a two page letter from Mr Sleep himself promising to provide Teddies for every pillow in Great Ormond street, they also mocked up a Contract of Employment for Sonny to be retained as a Sleep Consultant and printed out 20 or so postcards signed by the each of the characters. Considering most people think creatives swan around East London in Nike Terminators drinking Brahma and saying how the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are so over, this should restore anyone's faith in human kindness. I just hope the team were as excited putting it together as we were to get it.

Below is the original TV ad, the letter From Mr Sleep, the postcards and a response from Sonny that we posted back today. I love you Mother, seriously, I think you're brilliant.

ps: As with all the pictures, you can click on them to see them a bit bigger...


  1. Awesome! Thinking of you loads. Dawn

  2. Sonny you are destined for the family business with ideas like that. Flippin' brilliant xxx