Friday, 27 August 2010

Zoe: Bring it on (+87)

Sonny had his pinny on again.

Sonny being put through his paces in the gym.

Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle (thank you Grandma) built at Nanny's

Lego leftovers... yummy.

I think we are going to have to go back to blogging everyday as my brain is hurting thinking of what we've all been up to. Gav has had a few weeks off work which has been brilliant and I think we are now all used to living in the same space again. Sonny gave us a scare on Thursday, waking up with a headache and not fancying his breakfast. A quick phone call to GOSH didn't make it better as they thought it could be the start of an infection. This is very common and would mean going to the Whittington for some antibiotics. Sonny was terrified this would happen so it was a huge relief when he started to feel better and the hastily arranged blood tests confirmed everything to be normal. Despite the rain, its been a good week - here are the highlights:

Chavington World of Adventure
Gav made the most of the dreadful weather and took Ruby to Chessington for the day in the pouring rain. They got properly soaked and loved every minute although Gav did say he's never been more scared in his life.

Sonny's enforced imprisonment has meant that he's reignited his passion for Starwars and Starwars lego in particular. We've been watching the movies in chronological order (Empire Strikes Back tomorrow) and building lots of cruisers and shuttles. Its costing a small fortune so I'm now stubbornly attempting to catalogue every piece of lego from abandoned sets and hoping to reunite it with its original instruction manual. Hmmmmmmm.

Sonny's treatment has been incredibly grueling on his body. He's managed to recover full mobility in his feet from the awful toxic chemo back in November but this has meant, along with heaps of enforced bedrest that his stamina is really low and he's not nearly as strong or as steady as he wants to be. Our home physio visited this week and he was also able to visit her in the gym where she put him through his paces. He has lots of physio to do now 3 times a day which is great as it will help him feel better. To give you an idea of where he is here are his goals for the end of September:
Do 10 reps with 1kg weight for all leg exercises
Do 10 deep squats at wall with ball at back
Do 10 deep lunges in a row
Get up from the floor on either leg 10 times in a row
Run 5 metres
Jump over a 2 inch hurdle

Scotch Eggs
Some friends came over on Tuesday. After a very pleasant early evening cricket match on Highbury Fields in the field where is says NO CRICKET with some super shots from Sonny and 4 catches from Ruby we went home for a lovely supper. Sonny made Heston's Scotch Eggs, you know from that advert off the telly. Try them, they were amazing. We are now having deep fat fryer conversations...

Trip to Nanny & DAs
We left London... and drove to Gav's parents in Essex for lunch. The kids were really excited. Nanny & Da were really excited and we all had a lovely time.

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  1. Eva and I agree that blogging everyday is a very good idea....... we miss you!!!
    Love to you all and Sonny you are looking great!! xxxx