Saturday, 7 August 2010

Gavin: Fat duckies (+66)

It's noob week this week on Elephant with 5 admissions in as many days. Which means eating me tea is now punctuated by large, tired looking women in towelling sweat pants asking me how long have you er, been here? I'm sure they'll soon learn that I'm not remotely interested in little Alisha and her troubles and will let me enjoy my Waitrose reduced fat Saag Aloo in peace. Although I nearly couldn't manage such culinary delights after todays efforts with Heston Bloomin'heck. Alongside Ruby, he rustled up the dough and they made some delicious sausage and salami pizzas. Then, while Ruby worked on the sign for the new restaurant, he ploughed on, turning out a tomato and onion salad (with fresh mozzarella) and making his own pesto from scratch. We're obviously delighted that he's not just learning how to cook but how to be terribly middle class at the same time.

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