Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gavin: He's coming home... (BMT+70)

Sonny has been in hospital now since the 17th April, almost four months to the day. So, when they decided that he could home today for good, we nearly cried. As ever, Zoe took hold of the situation and jostled along pharmacy to get the huge bag of drugs needed and all the paperwork signed and ready for us to be ready to look after him at home. It's a monumental day. If all goes to plan then Sonny won't be back in GOSH and hopefully will only have to endure trips to the Witt for top up drugs we can't give at home and some overnight stays with them if he develops a fever in the next 4 months (probably inevitable, but the bag is packed and ready).
Sonny is over the moon, Ruby hasn't stopped chatting with him and me and Zo are now getting used to a sofa we haven't snuggled on for 116 days. Yeah, I said snuggled, get over it. I'm happy alright.


  1. Thank God and what fantastic news. I am raising so many glasses to you guys these days, I can't wait to chink with you both too one day very soon. B xxx

  2. Fantastic News im sooo happy for you all, kelly adrian and girls xxxx

  3. Just brilliant!! Absolutely completely brilliant!!! Really happy for you fab four. And what great timing with a few weeks of the summer hols left to go... Enjoy!
    Love you lots, the Tarrys xxx

  4. What a great picture on an important day of a shitty year.
    Great kids with some amazing parents :)
    Ems was sad not to see Sonny today but sends a high five to you Sonny :)