Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Zoe:To Whit To Woo (+91)

We all had to put brave faces on today as Sonny had to visit the Whittington as an out-patient. Every three weeks he needs to have a very fancy infusion to help mend his immune system which takes four hours to drip in and costs a staggering £600 a pop. I took Ruby along as a body guard in case we needed any of her killer kick-boxing moves. Considering we hardly ever leave the house it was pretty daunting trying to ask Islington's finest not to travel in the heaving lifts with us, made worse by one being out of action as there was a large pool of vomit festering in the corner. Nice.

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  1. hi sonny its louis my mum has said you need somthing to keep you busy , i have spent allot of time recently costumizing my bmx so i thought you and your dad could buy a cheap second hand bmx or just buy parts and build it from scratch and you can buy new parts from these sites customriders.com and four27.com so if you do go along with the idea good luck and maybe send us a picture. I will email you a picture of my bmx too.