Friday, 6 August 2010

Zoe: So what now? (+65)

We had Ward Round today which means we get a little face to face time with the consultant. Our BMT consultant has just changed as they do two months on the ward at a time. Bit gutted as the last one was the nuts but the new one is dead good too and luckily we already know him from when we were first admitted under Haematology/Oncology - oh those were the days... Anyway, we discussed the excellent PET result and what it means for Sonny apart from being very nice. No one is really sure so Sonny will be discussed at a large meeting of people that might know at UCH next week and in the meantime they are going to slow down the rate at which they take him off the immune suppressing drugs. This is to prevent him getting GVHD. Do you remember we wanted it before to fight the Hodkins? Well now we don't need it so much as there isn't any to fight.

In other news, an ultra sound scan this morning showed that his liver was enlarged but they think this is down to the colossal amount of drugs he's been on. If it gets any worse they'll jiggle with his medicines over the weekend. Home still seems a long way off. Sonny would really like to be allowed home for good now but we know we've got a long way to go still so as hard as it is to admit, we're quite happy with this little arrangement for the time being. It's like checking into a B&B where the staff wear fancy blue uniforms every night, complete with jams with peel off lids and individual packs of butter.

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