Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gavin: The weekly roundup (BMT+79)

Blimey this is tough... One 10 year old boy and 4 months of trying to keep him busy isn't quite as easy as you think. Anything you think of that we can do he can't. Or, we've been doing it for a year in hospital and he's totally fed up with it. Today we went to watch a fly by of WWII spitfires in St James Park. We managed to find a quiet bit of the park until we realised we were in the firing line of everyone leaving and had to do a runner, quick. Still, we've had a really good week and have a few things up our sleeve to keep him happy. Not sure social services will agree with us opening a Blue Square account for him to bet £1 per day, but if it burns 20 minutes, it's good for us. We're off to watch Gooldy play cricket tomorrow (as they rarely get spectators) and I may even have to bat. The only time Sonny has seen me at the crease is doing the ironing. Anyway, as promised, here's the roundup of what's happened this week...

There's a new blog in town
One of our genius ideas was to set him up a blog where he'll be commenting on what's going on in the world of sport. He's really excited about it and hopefully will get into doing it every day. I've read his first post and it's as good as ours, so should give you all a more regular fix (albeit without the hospital side of things). Please click here and follow him or paste the link below... it would make his day if you joined up.

Clinic day Wednesday (also known as The Star Wars Cantina)
Sonny got a right royal reception at his weekly clinic. Every doctor and consultant stopped to talk and remark on how amazing they think he's doing. It was a little embarrassing at one point when we had all the BMT team surrounding him while the rest of the kids sat there being ignored. When we did sit down with our Consultant it was just great. They still can't quite believe it's going so well and have warned us that it may change now he's off the immune suppressants but hey, we'll be ready for it if it comes. They also don't want to see him for a fortnight which has scared the life out of us but is terrific news. If he carries on like this he'll be the next poster boy for the 'jesus-christ-it-really-worked' team that I believe work in Marketing.

Fantasy League
A strong start from Andrew, one of Sonny's school chums who's sitting pretty at the top with a massive 75 points. There's nearly two million players in the whole game and he's currently around 46,000th which is amazing. It pains me to say that the one to watch will be Gooldenballs, the only player in the top five without Drogba. I'd like to point out there's no shame in being 27th either.

Going out
Me and Zo went out and sat in a pub garden for a bit. Obviously, all we did was talk about Sonny but it was still lovely. My mum and dad babysat and had a lovely time too so smiles all round really. Hangover wasn't much fun though, we'd forgotten that bit.

Some photos
Well, only two for some reason. We're obviously too busy on some poker site.

This is egg day when his final food group was allowed. Yum.

This is us out on the South side of the river as no one ever goes there. I'm looking out for airborne bacteria.

So there we are. Hope thats enough to keep you all going. See you next week my lovelies.

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