Saturday, 28 August 2010

Gavin: I've made a mistake (BMT+88)

We feel pretty bad you know. I mean it was all getting a bit much and we were feeling a little trapped... I mean you asked a lot of us and it was fine when we were in the hospital and everything but we wanted to see other people too. The trouble is, only talking to you once a week isn't working either. We feel a bit empty and truth be told we kind of miss you a bit. Well, a lot to be honest. And we know we wanted the break and everything and it's our fault and it was nothing to do with you but can we, maybe, you know... come back? Perhaps not every day like before but not as rigid as saying it will be once a week either. Maybe two or three times a week to start off with and we'll go from there? We've still got our own key so can just come and go as we please (if that's alright with you) and we promise we won't leave again. What d'you think? Shall we all give it another go and see if we can make this work? Please.

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  1. Been having withdrawal symptoms. It's nice to feel in touch!
    Carol-Anne xx