Sunday, 8 August 2010

Gavin: Form is temporary, class is permanent (+67)

Despite the blood results from Sonny's liver continuing to rise, no one seems concerned apart from me and Zo, so he was up again bright and early and we snuck out around 11. Today, rather than him keep making tons of food, we decided to eat some of it up so went for a picnic on Hampstead Heath (dahlings). It was such a great day that it was really hard for for us all to say goodbye to him again at 6... we still have no idea when we'll be able to tuck him up in his own bed and enjoy a bottle of wine. Still, the pictures tell the story of the day (check out the reverse cross in pic 4... either foot boys, either foot) except for the last one, which is him watching the Charity Shield last year streamed on a laptop in the Italian Hospital. We watched this years' today in the comfort of our own home and it was good fun watching the tired old lags from both teams barely make it to 90 minutes. Arsenal's 11 year olds will run rings around them this season.

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