Monday, 9 August 2010

Gavin:D'ya want another tea Stevie? (+68)

The noobs are starting to get on my tits now. One of them has decided to prop their door open with a bin which, as all the others hadn't thought of it, followed suit. This means that whatever little Kylie decides to cough up (or indeed her emphysemic granddad who lollops around the ward like a wet fart) will be shared by all the other little Jason's. Of course, it's early days for them and, after a particularly nasty bout of paraflu or something they'll all be saying 'I just dunno how it happened, we're like really good at being clean and stuff' as they lift their masks and mash leftover chicken nuggets into their revolting gobs. Hopefully, if Sonny keeps on being as brilliant and well as he has been for a few weeks now, we can stop paddling around the shallow end of the gene pool and get back to some proper people. The good news is that unless this blog gets featured in the Real Lives! section of Take A Break, they'll never know what I think of them.

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  1. sorry gavin - meant to tell you that we were so impressed by your blog we sent a link ages ago to 'Take a Break', 'Now', 'Yours' and 'Shit Happens' magazines - they loved it and will be in contact soon for a serialisation may have to mend a few bridges with those noobs before its published...