Saturday, 31 July 2010

Zoe: Bitter Pill (+59)

Just a few infusions overnight and some fluid means that Sonny's able to come home for longer and longer every day. Its brilliant for all of us and he's beginning to eat more too which is great as he's starting to get all skinny again. I've just added up the number of pills Sonny needs to take every day. 30 bloomin 4. Only its more than than really as some of them are so big they need to be quartered which means 8 instead of 2 and some of them don't come in a small enough dose so we have to 3/4 them which means taking 1 1/2 and then the 1/4 piece so its loads. We try and stagger them out as much as we're allowed but to see him stoically getting them all down is pretty tough on us and him. On the other side of the spectrum Ruby had to take some Ibuprofen the other day to ease her headbanging neck and she made a right old fuss. Its difficult not to be impatient but its also refreshing that she's still just like any other kid taking medicine and she refuses to be brave just because her brother is. Most kids in Sonny's situation would have a tube down their nose for this amount of meds but Sonny didn't want that and you have to respect him for that. I applaud you son.

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